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triumph of mechagon

Actually I found it to be the opposite. What’s even happening? And HOLY CRAP there’s an entire Alliance armada right on our butts! Compared to all the other stuff you need for Mecha-Done this one is way too rare. By contrast, the end of the Panderan intro zone had a series of quests around the wreckage of a ship which really involved you in disaster recovery, and made you feel like you were making a real difference. The initial quests after crash down are lifeless “go to the next spot and talk to the NPC” waypoints. We follow up and find out that our rivals have heard the same, credit them as plausible, and are in fact one step ahead of us! Every step along the way we are interested in what happens next, and things keep getting more important and more interesting. And One thing I wanted to mention About Mechagon, It will be Lotsa Fun with all the Toys available there… I really Love Robotic Devices… But Some people who are not liking it there much may be just as disappointed as I am about the Far and Few Quests available there. Then Azshara simply lets all the water crash back in on us for an unstoppable instant-kill (why did she waste those warriors lives when she could’ve just done that from the start?) I’m not sure How long you have to wait for a respawn on this item, but I do know I used it at least twice today. Download the client and get started. Man, it’s too bad there’s not even a single quest of interest that introduces me to the nagoblins and makes them feel like they have a stake in what happens in this zone. Anyway, Azshara uses it to completely destroy both fleets. Added in patch 8.2.0, it features one zone (slightly bigger than the Timeless Isle)[3] and a Mythic-only, Operation: Mechagon 8-boss megadungeon, in … Jeez man! Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. We have the option to leave whenever we want by returning to our boat, but * we don’t want to * because there are important things to do here! It would make perfect sense from a narrative standpoint but then we would be stuck with an underwater zone. IDK the “story” for Nazjatar is terrible and leaves so many questions I don’t even want to bother asking them because honestly who cares at this point. The story team that worked on Nazjatar needs remedial lessons on basic writing, and the Mechagon team should be utilized more. tldr: Mechagon engages the player in what’s happening. And I haven’t even been able to Open WQ’s there on Mechagon yet, are they actually available there? Nazjatal is the WoW equivalent of GoT Season 8. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. I would just stay in mechagon if it was fun for me and wouldn’t bother with the achievement if i were you. At the end of the cinematic? I enjoyed my time in Nazjatar far more than Mechagon. I … According to a site on quest completions, this has the lowest quest completion on accounts for mechagon. And that was just for the rescue of a single crashed ship! A level 50 Mechagon Quest. Like… How does this make sense and why was it portrayed like this? Why are they fighting Azshara? – There is a brief quest to unlock the zone called The Legend of Mechagon which you can pick up from Gazlowe (H) or Tinkmaster Overspark (A).This quest will become available in your faction's expansion capital, Dazar'alor or Boralus, after you have unlocked world quests in Nazjatar. We help rescue his friends (more player buy-in), during which time we are introduced to the construction mechanic, are introduced to lovable NPCs that talk entirely in r/totallynotrobots-speak, and have to figure out a cool mini-puzzle in the middle of combat with an untouchable mini-boss to advance past him. But normally its just neckbeard screeching instead of some good critical commentary. Because then we would know to expect her in the future. In short, there is * nothing at stake * for me or anyone I care about. I agree it doesn’t make any sense that she has the tidesone and we seem to be completely unaware that it went missing. In short, Mechagon rules, Nazjatar drools. Nothing is explained. But you did favorite Mechagon like me so all is forgiven! I’m an NPC is a terribly written video game. It worked for me and the first person I could get to try it, so 2 from 2 so far: Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. And what little tension there was about the instant-doom hanging over us vanishes with the creation of the portal. She continues to hold the water back so we can establish a base and make contact with the local rebels. It would make the time when she uses it against us more impactful. If you don’t have that, all the scheming and machinations don’t matter one bit, because the player didn’t care and has checked out. I guess she actually wants us to live, for Reasons. Where were we going? Now perhaps that is because I had more to do i n Nazjatar or the fact I found the zone design more interesting. This sums up all the writing at this point lol. Meh. And the Birdpaths to get around were more in number than Mechagon also… but I think 2 more Birdpaths are needed … 1 in the middle of Nazjatar, and one above that in the Northern area… Now Mechagon may only have 1 Birdpath that I’ve seen so far, (and I have completed the exploration there) They have those Anti-Gravity things that are actually usable for 30 minutes. which BTW was being used to seal away the Antichrist that will destroy all worlds if he gets out. Why are they after us? As it was I was still 78% lost on both sides of it, but at least on Ally they give you “Hey, the horde is mobilizing and this is our chance to end them!”. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. What’s the problem? The ships are sitting there like, 50 feet below the surface. ), and then immediately removed any tiny stakes it did introduce! The first 2 episodes of Season 8 were literally the characters sitting around explaining how they’d got there. – After weeks away I’m finally back in Azeroth, and there’s an urgent message for me! OK, I can dig it, that’s the start of many a good story. I head down to the Dazar’alor docks to find out the crisis is. That said, I do like Mechagon much more than Nazjatar so far. Well the last thing I was going to say is I am Also an Engineer, and that may be Why some of us like Mechagon Better than Nazjatar too…, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, The Abject Failure of Nazjatar, and the Triumph of Mechagon. And it finally dropped a week ago from Reclamation Rig Hard mode, but of course for a different character (on my second account). Triumph of Gnomergon Vinyl. We’re on a boat. It would have been more engaging to carry on with that theme. And it finally dropped a week ago from Reclamation Rig Hard mode, but of course for a different character (on my second account). I always do it with some friends in a group. Where are we going? We follow them into a vault and discover the rumors were true and are contacted by a powerful entity claiming to be its king true, but the machinery inside tries to kill us all and we throw a gnome into its maws to escape (stakes raised again). In avoiding as much of the discussion on the story of 8.2 as possible in the last couple months, If I hadn’t done Alliance side first I would have been completely 100% lost doing it on Horde. I farmed this item from first patch mechagon released i farmed steel freza and rig but first time i tried this trick it WORKED. (stakes raised!) Triumph of Gnomeregan mega pro tip: On some days there is a quest active called Discs of Norgannon. You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. 2 of them got it already. We have a handy portal back to home base? The story has been a joke since MoP so what difference does it make. It is a mind-boggling failure of writing, the likes of which I haven’t seen in…. I have to agree with the way it started, spot on. So Blizz had to make a choice, make a zone with gameplay we’re used to at the expense of narrative; or have those details make sense while a ton of people gripe about having to swim everywhere. They could have easily had her sink the fleets and toss in some zone-wide underwater breathing buff in the intro questline.

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